14 April 2009

World Beat

Over the weekend, pirates provided plenty of fuel for neocons to call for a "coalition of the willing" to invade Somalia. Given that response, I can only guess as to the inevitable chatter points today regarding North Korea's departure from six-party talks and strongly worded statement indicating that the DPRK will resume nuclear development.

Meanwhile, I read precious little from the right regarding the closed-door trial in Iran of U.S.-Iranian citizen Roxana Saberi. Saberi, a prominent journalist whose work has appeared on NPR, the BBC, Fox News, and more, has been held in Tehran since January on charges of spying for the U.S. While I'm not eager to hear more clamor and criticism from the talking heads on how Saberi's incarceration makes Obama weak and America pitiful (see this vid from Kos, via Benen, for the worst of the worst from the right on the topic again of pirates), it would be nice if the plight of a U.S. reporter held under questionable circumstances would draw a little more attention and calls from the once-heralded "compassionate conservatives" for justice to win out.

On second thought, maybe the right's silence is golden. The less Saberi becomes a political chip in this country, the more chance she has of not being (further) played as one in Iran.