02 April 2009

Norm Coleman: How Much is Enough?

The Politico has an interesting piece this morning detailing the politically precarious case of Coleman v. Franken in Minnesota, and the potential for collateral damage as Republicans pursue obstruction even after the state supreme court rules on an appeal (assuming that ruling will not overturn the expected defeat). At risk, according to Politico? Only the governorship of the state and the national fortunes of one Republican rising star (no, not Coleman).

Now, the article extemporizes on the assumption that Coleman's present legal efforts will be thwarted (as it appears they will), that Coleman & Co. will appeal (Coleman's lawyers have indicated as much), and that the appeal will be unsuccessful (Team Coleman must not like their chances there, either, because there's a lot of talk already about the U.S. Supreme Court). That's what will have to happen before Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty finds himself in the uncomfortable straits outlined in the piece.

As a (loose) rule, I shy away from analyzing scenarios predicated on so many what-ifs. But for consideration's sake, if nothing else, the article is worth a quick read.