01 April 2009

The Jay Cutler Sweepstakes

Here's a little link to a blog following the Jay Cutler sweepstakes all the way to . . . the Redskins? I don't share the author's surprise, however, mostly because this is the NFL, and everyone is always looking to, ahem, improve their chances.

Since this blog is based in Denver, and I'm a Broncos fan (except when they play Detroit), Jay Cutler continues to show up on my radar. Especially when it's a twofer, as in my home team the Detroit Lions come into the mix as well. Money quote:

The Bears? Sure. Most kitchen appliances would perform as well as Kyle Orton. The Jets? Absolutely. If Kellen Clemens was any good, he'd have earned the job by now. The Lions? By all means. It would definitely help them to add a second decent player to the roster.
Cue outro.