19 September 2008


I love following the political news out of Vermont, mostly because I know what a strange and beautiful town Brattleboro can be. I also happen to think very highly of Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT).

I assumed this headline, "Vermont candidate to prosecute Bush if she wins," would also come from Brattleboro, home of the Bush/Cheney arrest warrant and of public nudity in a town center parking lot, of all places (eeesh!).

Upon review, however, I can find little evidence of a connection between Charlotte Dennett, the candidate for Vermont attorney general, and Brattleboro, the quirky town that could provide all the scenic backdrop and seamy characters necessary to populate another David Lynch series. The Reformer actually reports that Dennett is from Cambridge, VT, not terribly far from Lake Champlain or the Canadian border. For whatever that's worth.