19 September 2008

Oktoberfest, Ground Games, and a Little Issue Called Troopergate That Won't Go Away

Funniest grab of the day:

One of the nice things about being a Democrat with a stock portfolio is that your risks are fairly well hedged. If the market goes up, then you make money, and if the market goes down, then you're more likely to see a Democrat elected President.
In other news, we were dramatically disappointed at Oktoberfest. First of all, no Sea of Accordions. Nobody seems to know what time the marchers take to the streets, but it wasn't today. Next, ignore the guys from Wyndham Hotels pretending to give out free money in exchange for a few moments of your time. I know, I know. But it seemed like they really wanted me to have that $25.

Despite the disappointments, Oktoberfest did live up on two fronts: beer and voter registration opportunities. If you like to drink and vote (or at least register to vote, update your registration, or apply for a mail-in ballot), Larimer Street this weekend is the place for you. One of our party mentioned that he hadn't seen a single McCain canvasser. Anywhere. Come to think of it, we haven't really either. Predictably, the boys at FiveThirtyEight have already posted about this very phenomenon in another western state, so I'll let them fill you in. Highly worth the read.

Oh, and in case you haven't heard, Sarah Palin may not be telling the whole truth about this Troopergate thing.