25 September 2008

More Ambinder

I'm gonna pass on another from Marc Ambinder. In a nutshell, Ambinder called out the Obama camp for complaining that McCain will take his economic advisor, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, to the (somewhat irrelevant) White House meeting today. Marc wrote that Holtz Eakin "knows as much about the economy as anyone on McCain's Senate staff." He went on to write "McCain's bringing his best policy guy to a meeting, and he gets knocked for it?" From there, he awarded Obama the cheap shot of the day.

But Ambinder later posted an update:

Update: the Obama campaign says that they were told NOT to bring campaign staff to the White House.

So -- there's a double standard here.

I guess it's not a cheap shot. Just irrelevant.

Just as, it turns, the White House meeting might be, since Congressional leaders and the White House have already reached an agreement on principles, and neither Barack Obama nor John McCain had anything to do with it.
Obama must feel like he's walking into the lion's den, between GWB and John McCain in what appears to be a closely coordinated effort to momentarily derail or at least distract from the campaign. What kind of conversation can that possibly be, anyway?