31 August 2008

Vetting Palin, and Palin's Vetting

Here's hoping for McCain's sake that his campaign vetted Palin more carefully than Palin vetted her own political appointees.

Palin's replacement for Monegan, Chuck Kopp, was forced to resign just two weeks after he was appointed because of a sexual harassment complaint that had been filed against him when he was the chief of police in Kenai.

Palin, in a news conference announcing Kopp's resignation July 24, said she was unaware that the Kenai city council had reprimanded Kopp as a result of the complaint and would not discuss how her staff had vetted Kopp before naming him to replace Monegan three days after Monegan was fired.

A slow, steady trickle of information may be all it takes to erode any credibility the McCain/Palin ticket pretends to have.