31 August 2008

Marc Ambinder on Palin Pick

UPDATE: It slipped me when I posted this, but Ambinder seems confident that the Troopergate probe will leave Palin unmarred. "She's under investigation by an ethics board (the bad guy here will not turn out to be Palin.)"

Not sure how to take that, or what Ambinder knows that the rest of us don't, but it's worth keeping track of.

Marc Ambinder asks and answers:

Is the pick good for the Republican Party?

Absolutely. Even if McCain loses in November, the GOP's new standard bearer will be a younger working mother from outside Washington and not a rich businessman with perfect hair from Massachusetts. McCain may have saved the GOP at the expense of the campaign.

His one-man Q&A piece is insightful in a pro/con sort of way. Definitely worth a read.