05 August 2008

Udall Makes No Comment on Justin Schaffer's Facebook Page

The Denver Post reports today that the son of Colorado Republican Bob Schaffer has apologized for offensive posts to his Facebook page.

Opponents of Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer have found political fodder in his 19-year-old son's Facebook page, which shows a picture of Barack Obama over the caption "High five . . .. who's gay" and another picture that reads "Slavery gets sh-- done," reports Michael Riley.
Money quote? "Schaffer's campaign opponent, Mark Udall, had no comment on the controversy."

I'd like to thank Mark Udall for leaving this alone. I hope Udall and his advisers have the vision to continue to recognize, even as the campaign gets nastier and nastier, that you don't run down a candidate's family, nor exploit family troubles, nor drag the candidate's children into the race. Anybody want to speculate as to whether Camp Schaffer, run by the notorius Dick Wadhams, would do the same were the roles reversed?