05 August 2008

Seeking Information on Referred Question 1A

UPDATE: After a phone call to the City Council, the skinny seems to be that, as it stands right now, every petition in the City and County of Denver that gathers enough signatures to appear on a ballot must first be presented/debated by the City Council. The CC is tired of being the go between on this, especially as their function--if I understand correctly--is neither to approve nor reject the initiatives/referendums that reach the voter, but simply to hear said initiatives/referendums.

I look forward to hearing back from the mayor's office, and Councilwoman Montero's office as well (District 9), just to get a sense of whether everybody says "yes" to 1A, and, if not, to find out who is saying "no."


Can anybody help me understand the intent and the impact of this season's Referred Question 1A as it appears on the Democratic primary ballot?

Shall the Charter of the City and County of Denver be amended to require the Clerk and Recorder, upon certifying the sufficiency of any initiative or referendum petition, to submit the initiative or referendum directly to the registered electors of the City and County of Denver at the next scheduled citywide election, unless the City Council determines to call an earlier election?
Thanks for any thoughts on this. I'm ignorant as to the existing process that the Clerk and Recorder takes regarding initiatives and referendum petitions. And a Google search renders great results . . . from previous years' Referred Question 1As.