07 November 2007

"have u forgotten"

Just read this 2005 post from BubbainGE on a message board at, of all places, DodgeDakotas.com. I haven't decided whether to laugh it off or not.

You sound intelligent, so I assume that you have at least a BA. You're posting on a Dodge Dakota website, so I can also assume that you didn't end up here by chance, thus eliminating the theory that you drive a 1975 Chevy Nova. I see your posts on here quite regularly, so you probably don't have to use the public library computers. You were probably a decent guy at one time, so we'll give you the benefit of the doubt & blame it on some extremist college professors.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I don't agree with all of the Bush policies. In fact, I don't think that whole area is worth the life of one American. But, I am obligated as a service member to go if the boss said to go, or else there's going to be some form of punishment. It's just like any other employee/employer relationship, but with a bit higher stakes. Now, you've made it pretty clear that you could care less that some of our boys are working on their 3rd time to the sandbox, but why only concern yourself with the ones coming back dead or missing limbs? I'd hate to even think that you're one of the guys sitting behind their computers at work or home with one of the little death toll counters clicking away every time a Marine gets killed because of an IED. Well, I've had my say, & I'm sure you're going to call me some foul names. That's OK. I've been cussed before & know it doesn' hurt.

Be sure to scroll down through the various posts on the subject, or else you'll miss the part where the discussion deteriorates into truckstop men's room graffiti quality rhetoric (look for Big Ed).