08 November 2007

From the Icy South

From "Bobby the sound engineer":

Where'd all the Ph.D's go? Antarctica

. . . I often wonder what happened to all those people who actually paid attention in college? Where are all those selfless folks who wanted to save the world, not own it?

I only had to travel to the bottom of the earth to find them.

The brain drain went to Antarctica. You can’t swing a drunken celebrity and not hit a Ph.D at McMurdo Station. It is not just the folks who are doing the science that have a pedigree, but people with Master degrees are driving the vans, cooking the food and doing the dishes.

Ann Curry of Today Show celebrity is stranded with her crew at McMurdo pending weather improvements*, and the upside is the rest of us get to read about it.

Thanks to Chalet Cindy for the updates.

*Update: Ann has made it to the South Pole.