21 July 2007

2 Dead, 5 Hospitalized, Scores Detained Following July 16 Clash

I´m clearly not reading enough right now, or I would have linked to this sooner. NarcoNews reports 2 fatalaties as a result of Monday´s clash between demonstrators and police, raising to 24 the number of people killed in Oaxaca since June 2006 in events related to the current conflict. In addition, 5 people were hospitalized and dozens arrested and detained.

Earlier this week a local news station showed footage of protesters being beaten by police, protesters throwing rocks at police and police in full riot gear throwing rocks back at protesters. The governor has promised and already deployed a show of force to deter protests and a threatened boycott (read disruption) of the Guelaguetza the next two Mondays by APPO, Section 22 and other activist organizations. Many Oaxacans are tense this weekend as the Guelaguetza draws near. Others go about their daily business outside the city center with little apparent concern for the situation, though I think it unlikely that the events of last year, and the massive economic frustration felt throughout the city during that time, are far from anyone's minds.

More soon.