28 May 2007

Line Spacing Issues

I'm having a heck of a problem keeping my line spacing uniform throughout individual posts after I include a block quote of text. It doesn't seem to matter whether I import text from another location or type it in myself and then set it as a block quotation. All the text in the remaining paragraphs appears much more tightly spaced than in the leading paragraph.

Here's an example of text in a block quote to show exactly what I'm talking about. I'll ramble on here for a sentence or two, so that the format is similar to a regular post, and then maybe I'll add a link somewhere just for kicks and giggles.

Now I return to my regular text and watch to see the lines grow tighter and more crowded, making for a less easy to read passage of text, especially as I wander through my own sometimes twisted analysis of the news. See how effed up it is?

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Problem fixed. Thanks to Mom and some help from the folks at The Real Blogger Status: What Blogger Won't Tell You.