04 May 2009

Michigan's Granholm for Supreme Court?

Matt Yglesias makes an interesting suggestion. I have no opinion, but thought it worth passing along for consideration. Her name does come up in more than one place as a short list contender. Granholm, FWIW, was Biden's sparring partner in the run-up to the VP debate. Rumor has it she cut a mean Palin:

Many parallels have been drawn between the two governors as being attractive ex-beauty queen sports moms, although Granholm's educational qualifications and political experience dwarf Palin's.
Meanwhile, I did hear a request among Republicans Democrats that Supreme Court judges should have more to show than a lifetime in black robes. In other words, get somebody with some real-world experience (i.e. political experience) on the court. But watch out for the setup to the inevitable complaint--no matter who Obama nominates--about "activist" judges. A fine line, to be sure, and one which Repubs will certainly use to try and trip up both the president and his agenda.

While we're on the subject, this Granholm thing is not new. Speculation was rife as early as October, 2008.