07 May 2009

Belkin: Don't Like DADT? Blame Falls at the Top

Think President Obama ought to address Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy regarding gays in the military in a hurry? Then this will really get you fired up.

What I like most about Belkin's assessment is that the Pentagon and Congress can't protect the commander-in-chief from ultimate responsibility for the dismissal of capable, talented, and driven men and women from America's armed forces. Belkin cites a study--due out shortly, we're told--from a group of "experts in military law" who have determined that the president does indeed wield the power of the pen on the issue of gays in the military. If that's true, then Obama won't have to "spend his precious political capital trying to ram a repeal bill through Congress."

If political capital translates as media exposure, then at this point, if the administration feels wary about picking battles, I'd favor a quiet, Friday afternoon repeal versus a whole lot of public fanfare. Whatever it takes so long as guys like Dan Choi can continue to serve this country.