16 March 2009

Bus Cook's Boy

I can't help but notice, at the very end of the article, that Jay Cutler's agent also happens to represent Brett Favre:

Cook also represents Brett Favre and helped facilitate the quarterback's trade last summer from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets.
Can we fairly paint Bus Cook as a man who specializes in quarterback controversy and fuels the primadonna-ism that's unfolded around these star QBs the last couple off seasons?

Jay Cutler may not like the way things have unfolded in recent weeks, and he may even be justified--to some extent--feeling betrayed. After all, Denver's young new coach admitted to going after Matt Cassel. But Cutler's behavior from day one, and pissy attitude thrown all over the local papers, has just been unprofessional and . . . unsportsmanlike. If this is the real Jay Cutler, then I'd say to Josh McDaniels that maybe it's best now to just let him go.

At this point, I say send the big baby to Detroit and let him see if he still likes the trade. But I notice that the Jets are looking for a QB, too. How ironic.