03 November 2008

For Obama, From Around the World

We've been getting notes and updates recently from friends worldwide. Here are a couple of quick hits on the eve of an election that literally the whole world may be watching. If you have more from friends and acquaintances far and wide, please send and I will post here.

Jeff from New Zealand:

You have worked hard for a cause and I hope that it all goes well for you (and the rest of the world) as we need the change even here in New Zealand. . . it is a real shame that Obama's gran did not get to see what will be one of the biggest changes in US political history. I am in Australia at the moment and it is big news here too.

Amy from Canada (via Facebook status update): "Amy is on the Obama train!"

Cody, in Dakar, Senegal (via Facebook status update): "People are talking in the streets of Dakar: 'I hope Obama wins, incharlat....'"

From Joss, a Brit living in Hungary:
I have to say I am once again uncontrollably excited about things going on in your house which I have no say in. I do trust that this time we won't be in for a scare result. That Obama man is just so convincing he only makes you feel good about the future.
Anything to add?