07 October 2008

Denver Post Endorses Musgrave

I try to keep it professional around here, but are you fucking kidding me? "Marilyn Version 2.1"? That's weak sauce. In referencing Musgrave's supposed, newfound commitment to the day-to-day concerns of Yuma County and other "local issues," the Post seems to have willfully forgotten Musgrave's 6 year history of ignoring local needs to wage a one woman culture war from the comfy environs of her congressional office.

A chief example the Post cites to indicate Musgrave's redoubled efforts to help Coloradans is her 2005 vote to support expanded US exports under CAFTA. I find the Post's tune here highly bizarre, since that 2005 vote was not enough to soften the Post's scathing critique of Musgrave's tenure in time for the last congressional election.

Here's what the Post said about Musgrave in 2006, when the paper endorsed Angie Paccione:

In Congress, Musgrave has pursued an extreme agenda and has offered all-too-predictable support for the president on issues ranging from restrictions on embryonic stem cell research to tax and war policy. Her largest burden, though, is that she simply hasn't much to show for her four years in Congress.
The Post can now cite an outdated vote and two politically expedient achievements, and that's enough to woo the paper? Well I got a bottle of Boone's and a coupon for free custard at Good Times if the Post is gonna be such a cheap date.