08 September 2008

More on AYA & Caleb Jensen from the Montrose Daily

UPDATE: Dr. Keith Hooker submitted a not guilty plea last week in Montrose.

I don't like reading any of this. The Montrose Daily Press has more details (from two weeks ago) on the grand jury investigation into the wilderness death of AYA student Caleb Jensen. I especially don't like reading this quote: "Scissors said Monday that CEC’s Alternative Youth Adventures is distinct from the registered corporation, Alternative Youth Adventures of Colorado Inc., owned by Omer."

Sounds like CEC is trying to protect itself at the expense of Jim Omer. Even if there really were two distinct entities at the time of Jensen's death (I was under the impression that negotiations were ongoing, at the time), I don't like seeing Omer get hung out to dry. Situations like these are exactly when direct care providers need the protections available to the larger organizations that own and operate such programs.

Obviously, my information is limited and my perceptions are biased. I wait to learn more.