25 September 2008

The "McCain Plan": Biggest. Gamble. Ever.

Reuters outlines the McCain Plan.

The other news outlets haven't painted the scene in such stark terms. To the extent that the Reuters account is accurate, the observation should be made loud and clear, from town to town and coast to coast, that John McCain, the wild card candidate with a history of gambling, has wagered not merely hundreds of billions of dollars, not simply a campaign or the presidency, but the American economy itself in a politically--no, in a civically--irresponsible electoral stunt. Country first? John McCain no longer deserves the credit he's been generously awarded these past years as a patriot.

And as a maverick? Here's Webster: "an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party." I'd amend that to read "group, party, or country."

It'll be interesting to hear how independent analysts parse the new plan. Obviously, I write from the gut at this immediate moment. Just as the man who wants my vote shoots from the hip.