03 September 2008

Late Breaking Tales from the DNC

My friend Kitty writes:

We got last minute tickets (at 5pm) to the DNC on Wednesday night. I was actually really sick that day, but plenty of cold medicine and the excitement of it all got me through it. At first they said there were no seats available and we were told to watch it on the TVs in the lobbies. Luckily, Karl noticed the Press box elevator and we tried it. We arrived to all the press boxes with NPR and CNN and no one stopped us. We saw Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and yea! Obama. Afterwards, we walked around to all the other press boxes and saw famous people. When others would stop them to ask for a pictures, I would just jump in and Karl would take a shot.

Kitty doesn't disappoint. She shares the photos, too:


Ah, Kitty. Another proud Antarctican for Obama. (Join the group, Kitty. Join the group!)