05 September 2008

Is Hillary Clinton a Reluctant Surrogate After All?

One paragraph from this NYT article stands out. It reads like polit-speak for reluctance:

Advisers to Mrs. Clinton said that she stood ready to help the Obama-Biden ticket, but they urged the campaign not to overestimate the impact Mrs. Clinton could have, noting that she had other commitments this fall, like campaigning and raising money for Senate candidates. Obama aides said the Clinton trip had been in the works before Ms. Palin was named the running mate.

Any hesitation on Clinton's part to attack Sarah Palin's credibility would be the big news that would suck wind out of the Democratic platform. Republicans would pounce on a party bitterly divided--never mind the irony of such a charge--despite the fireworks, Greek columns, and night after night of soaring oratory.

The distance seems pretty overt in this grab. But maybe I read too much into it? And it's a paraphrase, not a quote. Has anybody seen the quote?