04 September 2008

Ballot Initiatives, Stating the Obvious, Teen Privacy, Medical Marijuana, Tricky Teleprompters, & Questions of Citizenship: Colorado Items of Interst

Make that 17: The petition to put Initiative 82 on the November ballot failed. One less item for Coloradans to study up on before voting day.

Well, duh.

Denver Post's Susan Green gets it right.

Would Fort Collins pay for prescription medications if they were ruined as a result of police seizure?

Jeralyn Merritt wants to know how many of the 154 Denver arrests last week made on sightseers and passersby.

Ritter winged it (and Republicans falsely brag that they can, too). Didn't matter, though. He was so hoarse we couldn't hear him anyway.

And towing the fine line between racism and useful information, today's Ask a Mexican.