30 August 2008

McCain Clintonites

Here's a Clintonite who will vote for McCain. (Or a troll writing under a surname, but I'm not really that cynical--wait a minute . . . yes I am! Either way, it's worth a read to see what the Obama camp may be fighting, whether actual or merely perceived).

I didn't meet any similar holdouts this week in Denver, although Jenna met one who set up to protest Obama at a screening of Trouble the Water held on Wednesday at the Tivoli Center Starz theater. Jenna's report: the woman couldn't say why she liked McCain's policies, only that she didn't think Obama was ready to be president. When pressed a little harder, she did say she like McCain's stance on immigration. That, however, was all Jenna got from the woman.

In contrast, I met Will Fowlkes, a Georgia delegate and the newly minted state congressman from Georgia's 11th district, who came to Denver as the Clinton delegate from his region along with two Obama delegates. In keeping with the will of his constituents, Fowlkes told me, he cast his vote in favor of Clinton on the convention floor. But, he said, there is no sense of anger or resentment among the Georgia delegation that Hillary is not their candidate. Wholeheartedly, Fowlkes reported that the Clinton delegates would work at Clinton's behest to support Obama, and also support the release of their votes to Obama.

Fowlkes, it should be noted, also took time to explain to me several of the nuances and technicalities of the convention process, which was and is heartily appreciated.