31 August 2008

Behind My One Alaskan Friend's Surprise Over Palin

This and especially this help explain an Alaskan friend's shock early Friday morning.

Two thoughts on these two links, just off the top of my head.

1) The radio clip is astonishing for revealing Palin's lack of political sensibility. Did she actually say "We'd be honored to have you guys" after all that? Listen to the clip. I'm afraid she did.

2) After watching the news clip, Walt Monegan doesn't come off as angry, vengeful, or agenda driven. Throughout the entire newscast, he seems to sincerely consider questions and answer straightforwardly. There's not even bitterness, just matter-of-factness and a certain befuddlement about the whole situation. All of which leads me to believe the guy's not lying (but I'll heavily couch that statement in all the qualifiers that should accompany 90 seconds of YouTube newsreel).