12 July 2008

Senate Debate: Schaffer v. Udall

I believe each of the campaigns still has tickets available (though I could be mistaken) for the first debate between candidates for U.S. Senate from the state of Colorado.

The debate begins at 10 am this Monday morning, July 14, in Parker, CO. The venue is The Wildlife Experience, an interactive wildlife and preservation museum.

When I contacted the Schaffer campaign to see about tickets, I was asked if I was a "supporter of Bob's." I replied that I was not sure that I was, and that I looked forward to opportunities to see the candidate up close. The staffer I spoke with informed me that tickets would go first to Schaffer supporters.

The Udall campaign made no such inquiry, and promptly responded in the affirmative to my request for tickets.

To call for tickets, try the Schaffer camp at (720) 377-1600, and the Udall camp at (303) 820-2008