28 June 2008

Picking Up In Denver

It's been quite the layoff between posts, but I'm finally ready to poke my toes back in at blogwater's edge.

You'll notice, though the layout of this page hasn't changed, that I'm not in Oaxaca anymore. Jenna and I returned to Denver at the beginning of June, and after some time getting hired and getting settled--which we're still working on--I'm still very much looking at Denver with an outsider's eye. Which is fun, actually, because Denver's changed some in our absence, and excitement in the city feels pretty high.

I'll be posting on items of interest in Denver, especially those that involve community hot buttons, local and state politics, the Democratic convention in August, the election season, and any overlap between all those issues and our neighborhood, the Highlands, or just Highland, depending on who you ask.

I'm sure there'll be a whole lot of figuring things out as I get a sense for the local flavor of things, and that's half the fun. Of course I'd like to hear from you if you like what you read at plavwriter. At the same time, if you see something I get wrong, or you just don't agree with me, make a comment or send a note. Blogging's sort of an independent activity, but it's a lot more fun with company.

As always, thanks for reading.