26 March 2008

"The Tonya Harding Option"

I hadn't heard it put this way before. Jake Tapper at ABC News quotes an unnamed, Democratic Party official as saying that the Clinton campaign, in order to secure the nomination, has only one option.

She will have to "break his back," the official said. She will have to destroy Obama, make Obama completely unacceptable.

"Her securing the nomination is certainly possible - but it will require exercising the 'Tonya Harding option.'" the official said. "Is that really what we Democrats want?"

After reading speculation on whether Camp Clinton is hoping for a McCain presidency, just so the former first lady will still have a shot in 2012 (which I don't buy into but I'm also not prepared to guarantee is not the twisted shape of things), I can actually see the "Tonya Harding option" as being not that far from the mark. Which just makes me wonder how much uglier the Clinton campaign stands to get before this is all over.