14 March 2008

Sweet Mama J´s Great Alaskan Cakery

UPDATE: 1 pecan pie delivered, 9 photos to put smiles on countless faces.


More good work from the genius of Janice Kidd:

I am launching a new Facebook application called “Drive Thru Sweet Mama J’s Cakery.” To use this application, post a request on my wall, indicating any type of dessert you would like me to bake. I will bake the dessert and deliver it to any organization in Anchorage that serves people in need. You will receive a photograph of the dessert plus a photograph of me giving the dessert away. All desserts will be presented with a card that reads “From the Lusty, Inspired, Generous Heart of P.J. Bojangles [or whatever your name is]. Eat up.”

Here is a suggested list of organizations that do good up here:

Please note that your requests may take a week or more to fulfill. I bake from scratch, people.

Janice is doing great community service in a time of great need. I am, frankly, more excited about the overall benefits of this pecan pie for the folks at the animal shelter then I am the prospects of another Democratic debate. Here´s a preview of how lives will be touched:

Hi, everyone. Corey has launched Sweet Mama J's Cakery by requesting a pecan pie to be made for an Anchorage animal shelter. Please see the creation of this pie by following this link.

The pie is baking right now, filling the house with sweet rummy goodness.

Stay tuned for the next installments: The pie comes out of the oven. The pie is delivered. Ecstasy of the mouth. Anchorage animal workers drop to their knees, gazing heavenward.

Seriously. Can Clinton and Obama really match that? Good work, Sweet Mama J. Keep the good-karma dessert wagon rolling.