06 February 2008

USA v. Mexico: Underway

UPDATE V (and final): Tie game. The US extends their 9 game unbeaten streak against the southern neighbor, on American soil, and Mexico doesn't lose. Sounds like Tuesday night in America.

And with that very minimal analysis, I bid you a good night.

UPDATE IV: Approaching the 90 minute mark. Still 2-2. Both teams look . . . sharp, actually. Lots of complaining on the field, but that's alright. Not that I actually care. This is just what happens when I've got too much time on my hands. I blog badly about something you can all read about on the online sports pages, if not watch on tv.

UPDATE III: 4:something (after halftime): 2-2.

UPDATE II: 39:00 2-1, USA.

UPDATE: At 35:30, 1-1.


The game has started. While many friends and coworkers simply said "What?" (or "Que?") when I asked if they would watch the Superbowl last weekend, they all knew about the soccer match.

13:30 played, 0-0.