15 February 2008

Justice in Mexico: Feeling the Heat

While we are reminded almost daily that Mexico is a tough country for journalists (see here and here), Anna Maria Salazar points out today that reporters aren't the only ones having trouble practicing their profession without fear of reprisal.

From Mexico Today:

Retired Supreme Court Justice, Juan Díaz Romero, said violence against judges and justices has reached unimaginable levels in Mexico.

Salazar's bulletin posts the sentence without comment and moves on, but I assume that, as with the journalists*, this is the heavy hand of narcotrafficking tipping the scales of justice. Indeed, Jeremy Schwarz reported on the topic just two weeks ago.

*Unfortunately for journalists, they also have the government attempting to intimidate and coerce, not just the drug cartels. Double whammy for truth, justice, and freedom of speech in Mexico.