01 February 2008

Dear Microsoft . . .

UPDATE: I am glad to see some "beef" in the WaPo article mentioned below. When I clicked through this morning it came up as little more than a headline and a caption. Don't know if that was all they had, or if I simply had a problem dialing it all in. At any rate, the article that I chide here is actually fairly substantial. You can see for yourself.

I'm not a fan of profanity on blogs, and though I speak my share of filth during the average day, I have an aversion to printing the same on my site. It's like a cop-out, you know? Like saying "I feel strongly about this but I'm not feeling very creative right now, I can't think of anything more articulate to say."

That said, I've written a brief, open letter to Microsoft. I have to say that I feel strongly about this, and I can't think of anything more articulate to say:

Dear Microsoft,

Please don't fuck up my Yahoo, okay?



This after reading this non-article (seriously--where's the beef?!) in the WaPo today.

Now I'm not a Yahoo loyalist, and I've got no particular love for the service. But I'm familiar with it, I've been using it for years, I think the beta improvements are actually pretty good, and I like that the mail service makes it easy for me to put my hands on everything that's ever come in or out of my inbox. I used Hotmail for a year, just to get fluent in something else, and I couldn't stand it. I do all my work related emailing through Gmail, and it's only okay. I don't find any of the big services nearly as compliant and accessible as Yahoo.

So seriously, Microsoft, don't go messing up a good (enough) thing. Thank you.