04 February 2008

Blogging Blind

I've lightened the background color behind the text on the site because I've been having a hard time, recently, reading my own posts. Like the print didn't pop enough against the original background, and my eyes got tired halfway through a long post.

So now that I've made that change, do I keep the offset color behind my block quotes,

like this, just to give a little more emphasis? Or is it too busy?

Because I could also leave it plain, and just run the block quotes like I would on any piece of paper,

like this, without any fanfare and hooplah. Just good old fashioned indents.

Since the wife is out of town (hi wife!) and I've got nothing better to do after the Superbowl (for my money the most exciting Superbowl game in my lifetime!) than eat leftover nachos and tweak the blog, I stayed up late last night taking the block colors out and putting them in, taking them out and putting them in, until I honestly couldn't tell the difference anymore. Any feedback would be helpful.