06 February 2008

Bilingual in America?

The Golden Age of Enlightenment in America:

While the rest of her fifth-grade class was taking Spanish classes mandated by the Grapevine-Colleyville school district curriculum, Ashleigh Allison sat in the Timberline Elementary School library writing a report about France.

Ashleigh and her mother, Leigh Allison, say teaching elementary school Spanish only makes life easier for Hispanic immigrants in the community who do not learn or speak English. And Ashleigh shouldn’t be forced to conform, they say.

“She wants to be that one voice that forces them to learn English,” Allison said. “We’re not going to turn America into a bilingual country to accommodate you.”

Ah, the good days in America. Perhaps this is unfair, but it seems likely to me that these are some of the same people who were ordering Freedom Fries as recently as a couple of years ago and boycotting "France" at Epcot Center. What a thing.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Now I've got to go back to making my conjunctions in the Spanish subjunctive, if you'll excuse me.