20 November 2007

Tengo Gripe

That's hard G, roll the R, I like an E, P-ah! Greep-ah! Tengo gripe. It feels like a scratchy throat, stuffy head, runny nose, occasional sweats and chills, general aches, cruddiness, and an overall malaise.

My answer: hot noodle soup with an egg boiled in, hearty leaves of kale (with stalks), four cloves of garlic, half a jalapeƱo pepper, and copious amounts of green habanero salsa and black pepper, all served too hot to eat and then slurped down fast enough to make me sweat. The idea is to make the internal environment so unaccommodating to other life forms that I wake feeling much better tomorrow.

I'll let you know how it goes. Tomorrow is my first day teaching at the university, 7 a.m. class. If anyone wants to Skype me at 5:30, I'll be up.