12 November 2007

More La Vida Loca, or Just Bad Math?

Is it just me, or does a 7.6 year gain in average life expectancy just in the past 20 years seem improbably high?

From The Mex Files via El Universal (can't find the original article--will link to it when I do):

Jorge Ramon Perez, in El Universal reports (my translation):. Of course, it was published on Dia de los Muertos

Life expectancy in Mexico over the last two decades has lengthened by 7.6 years, according the the National Population Council ( Consejo Nacional de PoblaciĆ³n, Conapo).

Mortality rates in general for the Mexico Republic augmented the life expectancy from 67 years in 1980 to 74.6 years in 2005.

I am not the guy who will be able to do the arithmetic on this, based on the numbers provided here. Any of you mathematicians have some free time? The whole post is here.

Who knows? Maybe Coke Zero isn't so bad after all.