10 September 2007


The Morning After

It will come as no surprise that as soon as the high and the exhaustion began to wear off, Jenna and I have fallen straight into debriefing the whole wedding weekend. By the rings on our fingers and the unparalleled afterglow in our hearts, the verdict is that the whole experience was a smashing success. Undoubtedly, the highlight for both of us was to see so many of our close friends and loved ones in such close proximity to one another, with many opportunities to meet each other and learn what we love about you all.

We leave tomorrow for Hawaii, and so we are busy repacking our bags to leave the mountains. On behalf of us both, thank you for your love, your support and your presence this weekend (and all the sweet loot!). We literally could not have had this wedding without all of you.

It will be some days before we see pictures from the photographer, so we hope those of you who brought your cameras this weekend will forward pictures to us at our emails (jennafarley@hotmail.com; mattplav@gmail.com ). We'll get a selection of them up on this blog as soon as possible for everybody to share.

Here, finally, is the poem Jenna commissioned for the wedding. It was all I could do not to publish it last week. Please enjoy, and, once again, thank you.