28 July 2007

The Oaxaca Times Can Do Better

It's been a little too long since I checked in at the Oaxaca Times, a free, English language newsletter popular with travelers to the city. Consequently, I had not seen this piece, which glorifies the Guelaguetza and encourages tourists to spend their money on the expensive tickets available through TicketMaster in order to see a bit of the "real Mexico."

I don't have a problem with the expression of a traditional pro-tourism, pro-business, pro-government perspective here. (Actually I do, given that the current government is shamefully and dangerously repressive. But everyone is entitled to their view.) What I take real offense with is that, given the current tumultuous nature of Oaxaca's political and civic landscape, neither writer nor editor makes any mention at all of the massive controversy surrounding this year's government sponsored Guelaguetza celebration in Oaxaca City.

Travelers can read about the Guelaguetza, in general, in every travel guidebook ever written on Oaxaca. Without a discussion of the current situation and the dynamic upheaval taking place in the city, the article just comes off as shameless promotion.

C'mon, gang. Let's at least be responsible. Thank you.