22 April 2009

Carroll on University Executive Pay

I was pretty harsh on the Denver Post's Vincent Carroll a couple weeks ago. If there's one thing I definitely like to do it's to point out when a writer whose work I generally don't like says some things that I find myself strongly agreeing with.

So it was a treat yesterday to read Carroll on the subject of high salaries for public university executives.

I can appreciate that good administrators are akin to good CEOs, and that talent, vision, leadership, and performance deserve to be rewarded. Like Carroll, however, I find myself marveling at the rising compensation packages awarded to top-tier administrators even while state-funded universities impose hiring freezes, trim positions and course offerings, freeze faculty pay, and raise tuition. For background on this read here and here.

I'm not quite ready to take Carroll's numbers, courtesy of the Independence Institute, at face value without doing some math and checking other sources. But on the surface, Carroll asks the right questions and strikes the right tone. A little more of this and I'm going to find the Denver Post op-ed page a lot more likable.