16 April 2009

Betsy Markey, Colorado Golden Child

Two things about this April 9 article on Betsy Markey. First, props to Markey for getting out early and raking in the bucks. It almost seems like she never quite stepped out of campaign mode, which Kevin Drum laments (generally) here.

Second, I don't buy the Post prerogative:

Markey is going to need a war chest to keep the seat she wrestled in November from three-term incumbent Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, a Republican.

She beat Musgrave by double digits, but some pundits expect a closer contest in 2010 because the seat traditionally has been safe for Republicans.
Yeah, okay, elections cost money. But "some pundits"? Who? Let's name names. Because this is smoke and bullshit, frankly, if you ask me. Markey, though newly minted, will enjoy the incumbent's advantage in 2010. And Musgrave lost because she represented the most toxic of Republican politicians in the 2008 landscape. Or, to simply look at it another way, Markey figured out how to win.

So before the Denver Post gets too cozy with "some pundits," let's just take a look at the new political landscape. I'm not saying the 4th is a safe Dem district by any stretch. But I have to wonder whose Kool-Aid the Post is drinking to hang Betsy Markey out on a limb so soon after the election.